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10 Female Basketball Trophy Options for 2021-22

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Looking through catalogs can be overwhelming! We've pulled a few female basketball options from our suppliers together to help make it easier to celebrate your 2021 season.

Looking to add a one-of MVP trophy or medal? We have those too.

5.25" 3-D Series Female Basketball Resin

4.25" Legends of Fame Female Basketball Resin

5.25" Exploding Female Basketball Resin

6.25" Diamond Star Female Basketball Resin

8.375" Cobra Series Female Basketball Resin

*Low stock, blowout sale

6" Sentinel Basketball & Hoop Resin

7" World Class Basketball Resin

4.75" Star Blast Basketball Resin

7.5" Hurricane Award Basketball Resin

5" Star Gazer Basketball Resin

Of course there are PLENTY more options in our catalogues! Browse our catalogs here. There are also a ton of generic trophies that you can add a logo to, medal options, team plaque options, and more.

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