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10 Hockey Trophy Options for the 2021-22 Season

Updated: Jan 25

Looking through catalogs can be overwhelming! We've pulled a few hockey options from our suppliers together to help make it easier to celebrate your 2021 season.

Looking to add a goalie trophy? MVP medal? We have those too.

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Option 1: World Class Trophy - 6", 7" or 12"

Option 2: Delta Series Trophy - 5.75", 6.5" or 7.25"

Option 3: Big Star with Skate Trophy 5" or 6.25"

Option 4: Garland Hockey Trophy - 5.25" or 6.25"

Option 5: Star Blast Hockey Trophy - 4.75"

Option 6: Cosmos Series Hockey Trophy - 7" or 8"

Option 7: Sunshine Hockey Trophy - 5"

Option 8: Sun Rey Hockey Trophy - 7" or 8"

Option 9: Star Gazer Hockey Trophy - 5"

Option 10: Rock Star Hockey Trophy - 6"

Of course there are PLENTY more options in our catalogues! Browse our catalogs here. There are also a ton of generic trophies that you can add a logo to, medal options, hockey puck holders, team plaque options, and more.

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